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Tin Whistle
Title Publisher Catalog# Instrumen-
Format Price
Buy   Teach Yourself Pennywhistle Amsco AM969166 Pennywhistle Bk, CD, Video 19.95
Buy   Teach Yourself Pennywhistle Amsco AM969188 Pennywhistle Bk, CD, Video, Whistle 24.95
Buy   Walton's Tin Whistle Pack Walton's MB951971WW Tin Whistle Wh, Bk, Tape 18.95
Buy Bascombe, Ian and Harper, Finn The Official Handbook for the Clarke Tin Whistle The Clarke Tin Whistle Company C-610 Tin Whistle Bk, CD 19.95
Buy Bay Tinwhistle Starter Kit Mel Bay MB94697BW Tin Whistle Bk,Wh,Tape 19.95
Buy Conway, Pat Irish Music and Ballads For Tin Whistle, Vol. 2 Soodlum MB95177WW Tin Whistle Book 7.50
Buy Conway, Pat Soodlum's Irish Tin Whistle Tutor Soodlum MB95176WW Tin Whistle Sc only 7.50
Buy Cotter, Geraldine Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Tutor Ossian OS10116 Tin Whistle Sc only 17.95
Buy Gilliam & McCaskill The Whistler's Pocket Companion, Over 150 Delightful Tunes Mel Bay MB93820BACD Tin Whistle Bk, CD 14.95
Buy Gilliam & McCaskill Tinwhistle for Beginners Mel Bay MB93821 Tin Whistle Sc only 4.95
Buy Hannigan, Steáfán and David Ledsam The Low Whistle Book. All you need to know about how to play the low whistle, featuring ornamentation, history and fantastic tunes. Sin É SVM02 Low Tin Whistle Book 22.50
Buy Landor & Cleaver How to Play the Penny Whistle Wise AM27137 Tin Whistle Book 4.95
Buy Maguire, Tom An Irish Tin Whistle Book Ossian OS105 Whistle Book 11.95
Buy Maguire, Tom The Tin Whistle Book (Method) Ossian OS10157 Tin Whistle Sc only 8.95
Buy McCaskill, Mizzie and Donna Gilliam You Can Teach Yourself Tin Whistle Mel Bay MB95361 Tin Whistle Book 10.95
Buy McCullough, L.E. The Complete Irish Tinwhistle Tunebook Oak OK65021 Tin whistle Bk, CD 29.95
Buy McCullough, L.E. The Complete Irish Tinwhistle Tutor Oak OK64923Bk+Tp Tinwhistle Bk, Tape 18.95
Buy McCullough, L.E. The Complete Irish Tinwhistle Tutor Oak OK65006 Tinwhistle Bk, CD 17.95
Buy Ochs, Bill A Handbook for the Clarke Tin Whistle Pen.Whis.Press CW10024 Tin Whistle Book 7.95
Buy Ochs, Bill The Bill Ochs Tin Whistle Handbook Mel Bay MB30674M D Tin Whistle Book 19.95
Buy Van Lenten, Lance Irish Tin Whistle Book (Method) BMC BMC14032 Tin Whistle Sc only 2.50
Buy Whelan, Bill Selections from Riverdance Amsco AM949102 Tin Whistle Sc, CD 16.95
Buy Williamson, Robin The Pennywhistle Book Oak OK63271 Tin Whistle Sc only 12.95