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Format Price
Buy   Favorite Hawaiian Songs Hal Leonard HL359852 L,Ch,Pf,Guit Book 9.95
Buy   Jewish Songs Old and New Hal Leonard HL361535 L,K,Ch Book 8.95
Buy   Polish Songbook Hansen O397 L,K,Ch Book 9.95
Buy   Sacred Songs the People Sing Ashley AS10143 M,L Book 7.95
Buy Anderson, R.Alex Famous Songs of Hawaii Hal Leonard HL1121025 L,Pf,Ukelele Sc only 10.95
Buy Behan, Dominic Ireland Sings TRO Essex AM26725 L,M,Ch Book 12.95
Buy Blood-Patterson Rise Up Singing - 1200 Songs Sing Out HL746385 L,Ch Spiral Bk 17.95
Buy Cohen, John; Seeger, Mike Old-Time String Band Songbook Oak OK63255 Var Book 16.95
Buy Collection A Song of Scotland Wise AM11446 L,K Book 8.95
Buy Coulter, William and Barry Phillips Simple Gifts Mel Bay MB94886 L,M,Ch Book 9.95
Buy Davie, Cedric T. and George C. McVicar The Saltire Scottish Songbook Hardie MB95282 L,M,K Book 19.95
Buy Douglas, Sheila Lines upon the Water, A Collection of Original Songs Ossian OMB104 M,L Book 11.95
Buy Dubliners More Dubliners Songs Wise AM23078 L,M,Ch Book 8.95
Buy Erbsen, Wayne Old-Time Gospel Songbook Mel Bay MB95033 M,Ch,L Book 9.95
Buy Fowke & Glazer Songs of Work and Protest Dover 22899-1 L,K,Ch Book 10.95
Buy Kalib, Shalom Rejoice and Sing, A Medley of Hassidic Tunes Tara CR-SKA-02B L,M,K Book 18.95
Buy Kalib, Sholom and Morton Gold Choral Gems, Selections for the Sabbath, Festivals and High Holidays Tara CR-SKA-01B M,L,K Book 14.95
Buy Kennedy, Peter Folksongs of Britain and Ireland Oak OK64642 L,M,Ch Book 49.95
Buy Lefkowitch, ed The Russian Songbook Hansen O398 L,Pf,Guit Ch Book 9.95
Buy Lefkowitch, Henry Russian Songs Kammen AS10217 M,L,Ch Spiral Bk 12.95
Buy Leniston, Florence Popular Irish Songs Dover 26755-5 kybd, V Book 9.95
Buy Loesberg, John Songs and Ballads of Ireland Ossian OS00076 M,L,Ch Book 7.95
Buy Loesberg, John Traditional Folksongs & Ballads of Scotland Vol 2 Ossian OS00094 M,L,Ch Book 7.95
Buy Loesberg, John ed. Traditional Folksongs & Ballads of Scotland Vol. 1 Ossian OS00093 L,M,Ch Book 7.95
Buy MacColl, Ewan Folk Songs and Ballads of Scotland Oak OK61341 M,L,Ch Book 10.95
Buy McPhee, George et al The New Scottish Songbook Hardie MB95281 L,M,K Book 19.95
Buy Miller, Sy and Jill Jackson Let there be Peace on Earth Santorella TS85 M,L,K,Ch Sc only 3.95
Buy Milner & Kaplan Songs of England, Ireland and Scotland - A Bonnie Bunch of Roses Oak OK63883 L,M,Ch Book 21.95
Buy Moore, Thomas Moore's Irish Melodies Dover 41101-x   Bk, text only 12.95
Buy Pasternak, Velvel Israel in Song Tara IS-VPA-01B M,L,Ch Spiral Bk 19.95
Buy Phillips, Barry The World Turned Upside Down Mel Bay MB95368 Var Sc only 8.95
Buy Rubin & Stillman A Russian Songbook Dover 26118-2 L,K Book 8.95
Buy Seeger, Peggy The Peggy Seeger Songbook, Warts and all: Forty Years of Songmaking Oak OK64985 L,M,Ch Book 29.95
Buy Silverman Folk Songs for Schools & Camps Mel Bay MB94558 L,M,Ch Sc only 9.95
Buy Silverman Songs of England, 106 Favourite English Songs Mel Bay MB94408 L,M,Ch Sc only 12.95
Buy Silverman Songs of Ireland, 105 Favourite Irish and Irish-American Songs Mel Bay MB94395 L,M,Ch Sc only 12.95
Buy Silverman Songs of the Great Outdoors Mel Bay MB94570 L,M,Ch Sc only 15.00
Buy Silverman Train Songs Mel Bay MB94556 L,M,Ch,K Sc only 15.00
Buy Silverman, Jerry Animal Songbook Mel Bay MB94557 L,Ch,M,K Book 12.95
Buy Silverman, Jerry Ballads and Songs of WW1 Mel Bay MB96325 M,L,K,Ch Book 19.95
Buy Silverman, Jerry British & American Victorian Vocal Varieties Mel Bay MB94741 L,M,Ch,Pf Sc only 19.95
Buy Silverman, Jerry Holiday Songbook Mel Bay MB94554 L,Ch,K,M Book 12.95
Buy Silverman, Jerry Songs of Australia Mel Bay MB95636 M,L,Ch,K Book 12.95
Buy Silverman, Jerry Songs of France Mel Bay MB95230 L,M,Ch Book 9.95
Buy Silverman, Jerry Songs of Latin America Mel Bay MB95231 L,M,Ch Book 9.95
Buy Silverman, Jerry Songs of Spain Mel Bay MB95491 M,K,L,Ch, Book 11.95
Buy Watters, Cyril It's Easy to Play Songs of England, Scotland & Ireland Wise AM31857   L,M, Ch 9.95