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Buy Bay, Mel Fun with the Autoharp Mel Bay MB93289 Autoharp Sc only 4.95
Buy Carlin, Richard How to Play the Autoharp Amsco AM37235 Autoharp Sc only 4.95
Buy Jones & Koehler Traditional Autoharp - An Instruction Manual Mel Bay MB93389 Autoharp Sc only 8.95
Buy Peterson, Meg Let's Play the Autoharp (Method & Tunes) Mel Bay MB93701 Autoharp Sc only 4.95
Buy Peterson, Meg Mel Bay's Complete Book of Traditional and Country Autoharp Picking Styles Mel Bay MB94060 Autoharp Spiral Bk 12.95
Buy Peterson, Meg The Complete Method for Autoharp or Chromaharp Mel Bay MB93657 Autoharp Sc only 12.95
Buy Shealy, alexander The Autoharp Complete Method Lewis AS10462 Autoharp Book 7.95
Buy Stober, Carol Appalachian Autoharp Mel Bay MB95427 Autoharp Book 9.95
Buy Stober, Carol Autoharp the Gospels Mel Bay MB95473 Autoharp Book 9.95