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Lute Solos
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Format Price
Buy   / Robinson, John H. 114 Early to Intermediate Pieces for Renaissance Lute from a Student’s Lute Book of 1603 and other Manuscripts The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-114EarlyIntermediate Ren. Lute Tab 20.00
Buy   / Robinson, John H. 70 Easy to Intermediate Pieces for Renaissance Lute for 6 or 7-course lute The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-70EasyIntermediate Ren. Lute Tab 14.00
Buy   / Stephens, Denys and Robinson, John R. British Library Additional Manuscript 31389, a Venetian lute manuscript of c.1520 for 6-course lute The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-VenetianLute Ren. Lute Tab 14.00
Buy   / Spencer, Robert; Robinson, John H.; Goy, François-Pierre Kraków Mus. ms 40641 for 7 to 10-course lute The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-KrakówMus Bar. Lute Fascimile 14.00
Buy   New!  Leipzig Baroque Lute Book ca.1680 Tree M-TRLeip Bar. Lute Tab. 70.00
Buy   / Bailes, Anthony and van Royen, Anne Lessons for the Lute The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-LessonsLute Ren. Lute Tab 14.00
Buy   / Lauffensteiner, Wolff Jacob Partie en B flat Major (c. 1720) for 11-course baroque lute The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-LaufensteinerPartie Bar. Lute Facsimile 9.00
Buy   / Reyerman, Albert New!  Selected Pieces for Lute from the Leipzig Baroque Lute Book Tree M-TRSPL Bar. Lute Tab. 29.00
Buy   / Zwilling, Carin Selections from Piccinini and Kapsberger for Solo Renaissance Lute The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-PiccininiKapsberger Ren. Lute Tab 12.00
Buy   / Harwood, Ian; Robinson, John H.; Goodwin, Christopher The Folger 'Dowland' Manuscript for 6 to 7-course lute (mostly 6-course) The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-FolgerDowland Ren. Lute Tab 20.00
Buy   / Treder New!  The Klosterneuburg Baroque Lute Book Tree M-TRKlos Bar. Lute Tab. 49.00
Buy   / Holmes, Matthew The Mathew Holmes Manuscripts I: Cambridge University Library MS Dd.2.11 The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-HolmesManuscript Ren. Lute Tab, Fascimile 127.00
Buy   / Harwood, Ian; Robinson, John H.; Sheperd, Martin; McCoy, Stewart The Welde Lute Book The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-WeldeLute Ren. Lute Fascimile 20.00
Buy   / Harwood, Ian and Robinson, John H. Wickhambrook Lute Manuscript The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-Wickhambrook Ren. Lute Fascimile 38.00
Buy Canova da Milano / Ness / Ness, Arthur New!  The Lute Music of Francesco Canova da Milano (2 Volumes) This monumental work, consisting of over 150 pieces in 2 thick books, was meticulously edited by Arthur Ness. This is an authorized reprint of Harvard Publications in Music 3 and 4. A must have for lutenists of all levels. Boulder WE27 Ren. Lute Sc, Tab 80.00
Buy Abundante, Giulio Il Quinto Libro de Tabolatura da Liuto Tree M-TRAbund Ren. Lute Tab 27.00
Buy Agricola, Martin Von der Lauten, Musica Instrumentalis Deutsch 1529 Tree M-TRAgricola Ren. Lute Tab 14.50
Buy Alexander, Allan New!  Medieval Cantigas for Renaissance Lute Alexander, Allan MEDCANT Lute Tab, CD 19.95
Buy Alexander, Allen 23 Easy Pieces for Renaissance Lute ADG ADG200 Ren. Lute Tab, CD 18.95
Buy Alexander, Allen Celtic Music for Lute Volume 1 ADG CML1 Lute Tab 12.95
Buy Alexander, Allen Celtic Music for Lute Volume 2 ADG CML2 Lute Tab 18.95
Buy Alexander, Allen Celtic Music for Lute Volume 3 ADG CML3 Lute Tab 18.95
Buy Alexander, Allen Celtic Music for Lute Volume 4 ADG CML4 Lute Tab 13.95
Buy Alexander, Allen The Christmas Lute ADG CHRISTLUTE Ren. Lute Tab, CD 18.95
Buy Alexander, Allen The Guitarist's Lute Book ADG ADG202 Lute Sc, Tab, CD 22.95
Buy Alexander, Allen ed. 31 Pieces for Renaissance Lute ADG ADG091 Ren. Lute Tab, CD 18.95
Buy Allison, Richard / Robinson, John and McCoy, Stewart The Solo Lute Music of Richard Allison The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-AllisonSolos Ren. Lute Tab 20.00
Buy Andronikou, Niki The Siena Lutebook: Transcriptions of the anonymous fantasias of the Siena UKLS-SienaLutebook UKLS-SienaLutebook Ren. Lute Tab 14.00
Buy Bach, J.S. 15 Two-Part Inventions Lundgren SL25 Bar. Lute Tab 32.00
Buy Bach, J.S. / Goldschmidt 4 Suites for Lute BWV 1007-1010 Tree M-TRBachSuite Bar. Lute Tab 38.75
Buy Bach, J.S. Complete Lute Works Lundgren SL22 Bar. Lute Tab 60.00
Buy Bach, J.S. / Smith, Hopkinson Complete Works for Lute. Vol. 1: Suite BWV 995 Ut Orpheus SDS02 Bar. Lute Tab 35.50
Buy Bach, J.S. / Smith, Hopkinson Complete Works for Lute. Vol. 2: Suite BWV 996 Ut Orpheus SDS03 Bar. Lute Tab 16.00
Buy Bach, J.S. / Smith, Hopkinson Complete Works for Lute. Vol. 3: Suite BWV 997 Ut Orpheus SDS04 Bar. Lute Tab 18.50
Buy Bach, J.S. / Smith, Hopkinson Complete Works for Lute. Vol. 5: Preludio, Fuga e Allegro BWV 998 Ut Orpheus SDS08 Bar. Lute Tab 16.00
Buy Bach, J.S. / Smith, Hopkinson New!  Complete Works for Lute. Vol. 6: Preludio BWV 999; Fuga BWV 1000 Ut Orpheus SDS09 Baroque Lute Tab 16.00
Buy Bach, J.S. / Weyrauch Pieces for Lute from BWV 995, 997, 1000 Tree M-TRPieces Bar. Lute Tab 30.00
Buy Bach, J.S. / Lundgren, Stefan Six Cello Suites Transcribed for Theorbo Lundgren SL23 Theorbo Tab 64.00
Buy Bach, J.S. / Imamura, Yasunori Works for Lute BWV 995-1000, BWV 1006a Tree M-TRBachWorks Bar. Lute Tab 55.00
Buy Bachmann, Ralf Sonata in A Minor by an anonymous Spanish Guitar composer from Lima Peru Tree M-TRPeru Bar. Lute Tab 17.75
Buy Bagnati, Tiziano ed Cadenze e Passagi Diversi Intavolati per Tiorba Ut Orpheus SIL01 Theorbo Sc only 36.50
Buy Bailes, Anthony, ed 32 Easy Pieces for Baroque Lute Tree M-TR32Easy Lute Tab only 27.00
Buy Balletti, Bernardino Intabolatura de Lauto, Libro Primo Tree M-TRBalletti Ren. Lute Tab 23.00
Buy Barbetta, Guilio Cesare / Engdahl Lee and Scott, Jack Moresca detta le Canarie Lee Engdahl LSA360 Lute Tab. 5.00
Buy Baron, E.G. / Sayce, Linda Suite for 2 Lutes Sul Tasto Publications UKLS-BaronSayce Bar. Lute Tab 8.00
Buy Baron, Ernst Gottlieb and Weiss, S. L. Lautenmusic von Baron & Weiss; Suite F-Dur fur Laute von Baron, Presto fur Laute von Weiss Tree M-TRBaronWeiss Bar. Lute Facs 15.00
Buy Buetens, Stanley Lute Ricercars (Early Sixteenth Century Italy) Instrumenta Antiqua JSL1 Lute/Guit Sc, Tab 12.00
Buy Capirola, Vicenzo New!  Vicenzo Capirola Lute Book, 1517 This lute book is decorated with paintings of unbelievable beauty and comprises 41 pieces for 6-course Renaissance-Lute in Italian tablatur: recercars, dances and intavolations of compositions by Martin Agricola, Jacob Obrecht, Josquin Desprez, Marco Cara and others. Facsimile in full color. 124 pages, Italian Tabulatur, Renaissance tuning, Luxury binding. Tree M-TRCapirola Ren. Lute Hard cover book 110.00
Buy Conradi, Johann Gottfried Neue Lautenstücke Tree M-TRConr Bar. Lute Tab 27.00
Buy Couperin, Francois / Yisrael, Miguel Les Baricades Mistérieuses Ut Orpheus SDS10 Bar. Lute Tab. 30.00
Buy Cripps, Wayne Renaissance Lute Music: The Rowallan Manuscript, Edingburgh University Library, Laing III 487 Lyre Music Publications Lyre10 Ren Lute Sc only 22.00
Buy Cripps, Wayne Renaissance Lute Music: The Straloch Manuscript, National Library of Scotland, Adv. MS 5.2.18 Lyre Music Publications Lyre9 Ren Lute Sc only 22.50
Buy Curry, Donna, ed. 22 Easy Pieces from the Thysius Lute Booke Leiden, CA 1600 Tree M-TR22Easy Ren. Lute Sc only 20.00
Buy Curry, Donna, ed. Awake, my Lute, 20 Pieces Tree M-TRAwake Ren. Lute Tab 20.00
Buy Cutting, Francis / Jan W.J. Burgers Collected Lute Music, Complete Edition: Introduction, Tablature, Commentary, Transcriptions Tree M-TRCutt1 Lute Hard cover book 135.00
Buy da Milano, Francesco / Gregory, Gordon Francesco da Milano Fantasias in British Manuscript Sources The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-daMilanoFantasias Ren. Lute Tab 14.00
Buy da Roma, Laurencini / Crawford, Tim Thirty Pieces for Lute by Laurencini for 6 to 9-course lutes The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-LaurenciniThirty Ren. Lute Tab 14.00
Buy Dalitio, Christofero Six Baroque Sonatas for the Archlute Tree M-TRDalitio Archlute Tab 15.00
Buy Dall'Aquila, Marco / Stephens, Denys and Robinson, John H. The Collected Lute Music of Marco Dall'Aquila The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-Dall'AquilaCollected Ren. Lute Tab 15.00
Buy Dalza, Joan Ambrosio and Borrono, Pietro Paolo Italienische Lautenmusic der Renaissance Tree M-TRDalza Ren. Lute Tab 22.00
Buy Danyel, John / Shepherd, Martin The Complete Works of John Danyel, Volume 1: Lute Music The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-LuteDanyel Ren. Lute Tab 14.00
Buy de Barberiis, Melchiore Intavolatura di Lautto Libro Quinto 1546 Tree M-TRBarberiis Ren. Lute Tab 29.00
Buy De Narvaez Twelve Selections from "Delphin de Musica" (1538) Instrumenta Antiqua JVT2 Lute Sc, Tab 18.95
Buy De Visée / Wikla, Arto Pieces de Luth Composées Par Mr de Visée Lyre Music Publications Lyre7 Ren Lute Spiral sc 25.00
Buy de Visée, Robert 5 Suiten in Transcription für Arciliuto Tree M-TRdeVisee Archlute Tab 30.00
Buy Debussy, Claude and Erik Satie 4 Pieces for Archlute Tree M-TRDeb/Sat Bar. Lute Tab 19.50
Buy Denss, Adrian / Reyerman Florilegium 1594, Teil 2/Vol 2 Tree M-TRDenss2 Lute Tab 35.00
Buy Denss, Adrian Florilegium, 23 Selected Pieces for Lute, 1594 Tree M-TRDenss Ren. Lute Tab 36.00
Buy Dlugorai, Albert / Speck, Herbert The Dlugorai Lute Book Vol. 2 Tree M-TRDlugV2 Ren. Lute Tab 56.00
Buy Dlugorai, Albert The Dlugorai Lute Book, 582 pieces for Renaissance Lute in German Tab Tree M-TRDlugorai Ren Lute Hard cover book 270.00
Buy Dowland, John The Collected Lute Music of John Dowland Lute Tablature and Keyboard Notation Faber 1100392 Lute Solo Large Book 125.95
Buy Dowland, John / Buetens, Stanley The Complete Lute Fantasias Instrumenta Antiqua DSL2 Ren. Lute Sc only 18.75
Buy Dugot, Joel Anthology of 17th Century French Pieces for Baroque Lute Ut Orpheus SDS17 Bar. Lute Tab 20.00
Buy Falckenhagen, Adam New!  6 Partite Opera seconda, 1745 Tree M-TRFalckSei Bar. Lute Tab. 29.00
Buy Falckenhagen, Adam Sonata Di Liuto Solo Opera Prima 1740 Tree M-TRFalken Bar. Lute Tab 29.00
Buy Falkenhagen et al Rosani Lautenbuch. Ms. Leipzich III, 11.64 Partiten und Konzerte Tree M-TRRosani Bar. Lute Spiral, Tab 35.00
Buy Fiorentino, Perino / Caffagni, Pavan Opere per Liuto Ut Orpheus SIL02 Lute Sc only 25.00
Buy Foxe, Wilfred A Diverse Collection of Easy Pieces for the Baroque Lute The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-EasyBaroque Bar. Lute Tab 14.00
Buy Froberger, Johann Jakob Suite in G Minor Tree M-TRFrob2 Bar. Lute Tab only 19.50
Buy Galilei, Michelangelo Il Primo Libro d'Intavolatura di Liuto (München 1620) Tree M-TRGalilei Lute Spiral Bk, Tab only 40.00
Buy Gaskell, Ian Oriel Lute Library: A Collection of Pieces for Solo Lute from 17th century sources The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-OrielColl Bar. Lute Tab 12.00
Buy Gerle, Hans Ein Newes sehr Künstlichs Lautenbuch 1552 Tree M-TREinNewes Ren. Lute Tab 72.00
Buy Gerle, Hans German Renaissance Lute Music, Vol 1 Tree M-TRGerle Ren Lute Tab 29.00
Buy Gintzler, Simon 6 Ricercari Lundgren SL15 Ren. Lute Tab 16.00
Buy Ginztler, Simon / Prosser, Pietro 6 Ricercari (Venezia 1547) for Lute Ut Orpheus SIL03 Lute Tab 32.00
Buy Goodwin, Christopher 40 Easy to Early Intermediate Pieces for Renaissance Lute The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-EasyIntermediate Ren. Lute Tab 14.00
Buy Goodwin, Christopher; Robinson, John R.; Fisher, Jeanne 58 Very Easy Pieces for Renaissance Lute (6-course lute) The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-58Renaissance Ren. Lute Tab 14.00
Buy Gregory, Gordon O Happie Ground: A Collection of English Treble and Ground Duets for 6-course Lutes The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-HappieGround Ren. Lute Tab 14.00
Buy Hagen, Bernd Joachim Sonata a Liuto Solo B Dur Tree M-TRHagen Bar Lute Tab 20.00
Buy Handel, G.F. Suite in d minor, Kybd original Tree M-TRHandel Bar. Lute Tab 19.50
Buy Hely, Cuthbert / Spring, Matthew Eight Pieces by Cuthbert Hely for Ten-Course Lute The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-HelyEight Ren. Lute, Kybd Tab, Sc 14.00
Buy Hoban, Dick Oscar Chilesotti's Da un Codice Lauten-buch in Lute Tablature Lyre Music Publications Lyre6 Ren. Lute Spiral sc 35.00
Buy Hoban, Dick Renaissance Lute Music: 16 Ricercars from the Siena Lute Manuscript c. 1580 Lyre Music Publications Lyre8 Ren Lute Sc 20.00
Buy Hoban, Dick Renaissance Vihuela Music: Tres Libros de Musica para Vihuela Lyre Music Publications Lyre5 Vihuela Spiral sc 38.00
Buy Hoban, Dick The Art of the Lute in Renaissance France Vol. 2: The Phalese Anthologies Lyre Music Publications Lyre12 Ren. Lute Spiral sc 39.00
Buy Hoban, Dick The Art of the Lute in Renaissance France, Vol. 1: Early to Mid 16th Century Lyre Music Publications Lyre11 Ren. Lute Spiral Sc 52.00
Buy Hoban, Dick The Art of the Lute in Renaissance Italy. Vol. II: Dances Lyre Music Publications Lyre2 Ren. Lute Spiral sc 38.00
Buy Hoban, Dick The Art of the Lute in Renaissance Italy. Vol. III: Intabulations Lyre Music Publications Lyre3 Ren. Lute Spiral sc 45.00
Buy Hoban, Dick The Art of the Lute in Renassiance Italy, Vol. IV: Lute Music of Giulio Cesare Barbetta Lyre Music Publications Lyre13 Ren. Lute Spiral sc 40.00
Buy Hoban, Dick and Richard Darsie The Art of the Lute in Renaissance Italy. Vol. I: Ricercars Lyre Music Publications Lyre1 Ren. Lute Spiral sc 37.50
Buy Hoban, Dick; Smith, Sean New!  Masters of Polyphony Vol. 1 Lyre Music Publications Lyre17 Ren. Lute Tab. 40.00
Buy Hoger,Anton Ren. Lauten Technik - 55 Ubungen Fur Die Rechte Hand Tree M-TRTech Lute Sc only 23.50
Buy Holborne, Anthony Fantasies and Dances for Lute. Vol. I: Nos. 1-15 Ut Orpheus SDS06 Lute Sc, Tab 40.00
Buy Holborne, Anthony Fantasies and Dances for Lute. Vol. II: Nos. 16-30 Ut Orpheus SDS07 Lute Sc, Tab 24.00
Buy Hove, Joachim van den New!  Delitiae musicae Teil I: Praeludien und Pavnen Hofmeister FH4562 Ren Lute Tab, Sc 21.00
Buy Hove, Joachim van den New!  Delitiae musicae Teil II: Passamezzen mit ihren Galliarden Hofmeister FH4563 Ren lute Tab, Sc 21.00
Buy Hove, Joachim van den New!  Delitiae musicae Teil III: Favoritos; Galliarden; Bergamasca; Une jeune Fillette Hofmeister FH4564 Ren Lute Tab, Sc 21.00
Buy Hove, Joachim van den New!  Delitiae musicae Teil IV: Allemanden; Balletti; Branden; Couranten; Chansons; Canarie Hofmeister FH4565 Ren Lute Tab, Sc 21.00
Buy Hove, Joachim van den Delitiæ Musicæ Tree M-TRHove Ren. Lute Tab 19.50
Buy Hume, Tobias / Gaskell, Ian 43 Lyra Viol Tablatures for solo instrument from Tobias Hume's The First Part of Ayres (1605) The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-HumeAyres Lute, Viol Tab 14.00
Buy Jacobi, Monsieur New!  Sonata in E Lute Corner LC9808 Bar. Lute Sc 19.00
Buy Johnson, John Collected Lute Music Vol. 1, Introduction, Concordances, Transcription Includes two hard-bound volumes Tree M-TRJohnson1 1 or 2 Ren. Lute Sc only 180.00
Buy Johnson, John Collected Lute Music Vol. 2, Tablature Tree M-TRJohnson2 1 or 2 Ren. Lute Tab 93.00
Buy Judenkünig, Hans New!  Ain Schone Kunstliche Underweisung (1523). Converted to French tablature. Dutch lute Society DLS01 Ren. Lute Sc 22.00
Buy Kalivoda, Georg Adalbert / Treder, Michael Partita in F major Ut Orpheus SDS12 Baroque Lute Tab 21.00
Buy Kellner, David New!  16 Selected Lute Pieces Hamburg, 1747. Tree M-TRKellner Bar. Lute Tab 22.00
Buy le Vieux, Gallot Stücke für Barocklaute, 82 Pieces, ca 1686 Tree M-TRLeVieux Bar Lute Tab 65.00
Buy Leipzig III. 11.26 15 Stücke Für Renaissance Laute Tree M-TRLeipIII Ren Lute Facs 19.50
Buy Lesage de Richee, Phillip Franz Cabinet der Lauten Tree M-TRLesage Bar. Lute Facs 30.00
Buy Liddell, Catherine Renaissance Lute Music: Sacred Music for Lute Lyre Music Publications Lyre4 Ren. Lute Spiral sc 35.00
Buy Losy, Johann Anton 19 Pieces for Baroque Lute Tree M-TRLosy Bar. Lute Spiral, Tab 22.00
Buy Losy, Johann Anton Zwei Suiten Lundgren SL27 Bar. Lute Tab 15.00
Buy Lundgren, Stefan 13 Weihnachtslieder / 13 Old Christmas Songs Lundgren SL20 Ren. Lute, Voice Tab 22.50
Buy Lundgren, Stefan Bellmansuite NR. 2 Lundgren SL21 Ren. Lute Tab 19.00
Buy Lundgren, Stefan Kume Kum Geselle Min, Op. 18 Lundgren SL19 Ren. Lute, Voice Tab 24.00
Buy Lundgren, Stefan Lautenbüchlein I Lundgren SL4 Ren. Lute Spiral Bk. Tab. 24.00
Buy Lundgren, Stefan Lautenbüchlein III Lundgren SL6 Ren. Lute Bk. Tab. 29.50
Buy Lundgren, Stefan Lautenbüchlein IV Lundgren SL7 Bar. Lute Bk. Tab. 24.00
Buy Lundgren, Stefan Sonata No. 7 Op. 16, Toccata Op. 14 Lundgren SL12 Lute Sc, Tab 32.00
Buy Lundgren, Stefan Sonate Nr. 4 für Laute Solo Lundgren SL9 Lute Tab 16.00
Buy Lundgren, Stefan Sonaten Für Laute Solo 1-3 Lundgren SL8 Lute Tab 24.00
Buy Lundgren, Stefan The Lute Calendar, The Renaissance Lute Made Easy Lundgren SL3 Ren. Lute 4 Spiral Bk. Tab. 158.00
Buy Lundgren, Stefan Werke für Laute Lundgren SL10 Lute Tab 32.00
Buy Mace, Thomas / Smith, James R. Eight Setts for lute from Musick's Monument (1676) The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-MaceEight Ren. Lute (10-course), guitar Tab, Sc 14.00
Buy McFarlane,Ronn The Scottish Lute Mel Bay MB96693 Lute/Guitar Lute Tab,Guit Sc & Tab 25.00
Buy Melli, Pietro Paolo Intavolatura di liuto attiorbato, libro secondo [terzo, quarto, & quinto], Venezia, 1614 [1616, 1616 & 1620] SPES AMSI19   Facsimile; 4 books 65.00
Buy Milan, Luys 6 Pavans and 3 Fantasies from "El Maestro" 1536 Instrumenta Antiqua JV1 Lute/Guit Sc, Tab 13.00
Buy Milan, Luys New!  El Maestro Includes CD Rom Tree M-TRMilan Ren. Lute/Vihuela Tab. 65.00
Buy Morlaye, Guillaume Lute and Guitar Pieces Lyre Music Publications Lyre15 Lute/Guit Tab 32.00
Buy Mouton, Charles Suite in G-Moll Lundgren SL26 Bar. Lute Tab 16.00
Buy Newslider, Hans / McCoy, Stewart Das Erst Buch (1544) with CD The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-DasErstBuch Ren. Lute Tab 20.00
Buy Ochsenkhun, Sebastion Tabulaturbuch auff die Lauten 1558 (Fragment) Tree M-TROchsenkhun Ren. Lute Tab 35.50
Buy Ortiz, Diego New!  Four Recercadas from Trattado de Glosas Tree M-TROrtiz Vihuela/Lute Sc, Tab. 22.00
Buy Paladin, Jean Paulo Tabulature de Lutz, En diverses Sortes comme Chansons, Pavanes, fantaisies Gaillardes et La Bataille Tree M-TRPaladinw Bar. Lute Tab 20.00
Buy Perrine / Erdas, Paola Pieces de Luth en Musique avec des Regles pour les toucher parfaitement sur le Luth et sur le Clavessin (Paris 1680) Ut Orpheus ES1 Lute, Kybd Sc, Pts 45.00
Buy Phalèse, Pierre New!  Hortus Musarum Lowen 1552   M-TRMusarum Ren. Lute Tab. 48.00
Buy Phalese, Pierre New!  Theatrum Musicum, 1568 Tree M-TRTheatrum Ren. Lute Facs. Tab 68.00
Buy Philips, Peter / Smith, David J. and Robinson, John H. Lute Intabulations of Works by Peter Philips The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-PhilipsIntabulations Ren. Lute Tab 14.00
Buy Phillips, Robert Music for the Lute in Scotland Kinmor Phillips1 Lute/Guitar Sc, Tab 21.50
Buy Piccinini, Alessandro Das Lautenwerk (1623), Band II Heinrichshofen N1899 Lute Sc only 36.75
Buy Purcell, Henry 10 Pieces for Archlute Tree M-TRPurcell Archlute Tab 15.00
Buy Reusner, Esaias Erfreuliche Lauten-Lust, 1697 Tree M-TRLust Bar Lute Tab 38.00
Buy Reusner, Esaias Neue Lauten-Früchte, 1676 Tree M-TRFruchte Bar Lute Tab 35.00
Buy Reyerman, Albert The Tree Baroque Lute Booke Tree M-TRTreeBar Lute Tab only 25.00
Buy Reyerman, Albert Tree Renaissance Lute Booke Tree M-TRTreeRen Ren. lute Tab only 25.00
Buy Robinson, John H. A Compendium of 178 Polish Dances for Renaissance Lute (including many of easy intermediate standard) The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-PolishDances Ren. Lute Tab 20.00
Buy Robinson, John H., ed. Collected Lute Solos of Gregory Howet Tree M-TRHowet Ren. Lute Tab 26.00
Buy Robinson, John H., ed. Collected Lute Solos of Hortensio Perlo of Padua and Pomponio of Bologna Tree M-TRPerla Ren. Lute Tab 27.00
Buy Rosel, Mathias / Rosel, Mathias New!  Pieces for Theorbo Krakau, Ms 40591 Tree M-TRKrakau Theorbo Tab. 22.00
Buy Rosoff-Horne, Philip New!  Cancionero del Palacio Rosoff-Horne Lyre16 Vihuela Sc 35.00
Buy Rosseter, Philip / Spencer, Robert The Lute Music of Philip Rosseter The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-LuteMusicRosseter Ren. Lute Tab 14.00
Buy Rubin, Jonathan 10 Pieces from the Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook 1725 Tree M-TR10Pieces Baroque Lute Tab 19.50
Buy Satoh, Toyohiko "a-l-i-c-e" (1985) Tree M-TRAlice Ren Lute Tab only 9.00
Buy Satoh, Toyohiko "Tombeau de Mr. D. Philips" (1982) Tree M-TRTombeau Lute/Guitar Tab only 17.75
Buy Satoh, Toyohiko Improptu Elegiac Tree M-TRImproptu Bar Lute Tab 9.00
Buy Schlegel, Andreas and Goy, Francois Pierre Ms. Herold, Padua 1602, In Tauolatura de Liuto. Aussgeschrieben ihnn Padua Auss dess e[hrbaren] Christophor Herholdress sein[em] geschriebene[m] Lauttenbuch. A[nn]o: 1602. The Herholder Lute Book, Padova, 1602 Tree M-TRHerold Ren. Lute Tab 100.00
Buy Schlick, Arnolt Tabulaturen etlicher Lobgesang 1512 Tree M-TRSchlick Ren Lute, Voice, Organ Tab 35.00
Buy Seidel, Ferdinand Zwölf Menuette für die Laute samt einer Fantasie von Herrn Baron Tree M-TRSeidel Bar. Lute Tab 26.00
Buy Shepard, Martin Renaissance Lute Music from German Sources The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-RenGerman Ren. Lute Tab 16.00
Buy Smith, Douglas Alton 30 Easy Pieces for Renaissance Lute Tree M-TR30Easy Ren. Lute Spiral bk 27.00
Buy van Wilder, Philip / Humphreys, David Music for Lute and Chanson Transcriptions for one and two Lutes and for Voice and Lute The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-LuteChanson 1 and 2 Ren. Lutes, Voice and Lute Tab 14.00
Buy Vasseur, Christian 4 Pieces for Renaissance Lute 1988 Tree M-TRVasseur Ren. Lute Tab 9.00
Buy Weiss, Leopold Sylvius / Lay, Peter Six sonatas for 11 course lute The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-WeissSonatas Bar. Lute Tab 20.00
Buy Weiss, Silvius Leopold New!  Fantasie und Capriccio Hofmeister FH2495 Bar lute Tab, Sc 12.50
Buy Weiss, Silvius Leopold Sonata "L'Infidele" Tree M-TRWeiss Lute Tab only 17.00
Buy Weiss, Silvius Leopold Suites for Baroque Lute from the Dresden Manuscript, Vol 1 Tree M-TRDresden1 Bar Lute Tab 60.00
Buy Weiss, Sylvius Leopold / Foxe, Wilbur An Anthology of Music by Sylvius Leopold Weiss The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-FoxeWeiss Bar. Lute Tab 20.00
Buy Weiss, Sylvius Leopold / Stone, Terrell Partita in B flat maj from the Warsaw manuscript RM 4137 Ut Orpheus SDS01 Lute Tab, Score 42.00
Buy Wyssenbach, Rudolf Tabulaturbuch auf die Laute 1550 Tree M-TRWyssen Ren Lute Tab 71.00