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Lute Methods
Title Publisher Catalog# Instrumen-
Format Price
Buy   / Boquet, Pascale Methode de Luth Renaissance Societe Francaise de Luth SFLMethodeLuth Ren. Lute Book 50.00
Buy Baron, Ernst Gottlich Study of the Lute Instrumenta Antiqua SOL Lute Book 20.00
Buy Besard, Jean Baptiste Isagoge in Artem Testudinariam Tree M-TRIsagoge Lute Facs Tab 20.00
Buy Buetens, Stanley Method for the Renaissance Lute Instrumenta Antiqua SLM3 Ren. Lute Book 19.50
Buy Damiani, Andrea Method for the Renaissance Lute Ut Orpheus DM27 Ren. Lute Book 65.00
Buy Foxe, Wilfred Technique Building Studies for Baroque Lutenists Tree M-TRFoxe Baroque Lute Book 17.00
Buy Lundgren, Stefan 12 Studies for Lute Op. 19 Lundgren SL11 Lute Tab 32.00
Buy Lundgren, Stefan Kinderspiel I Lundgren SL13 Lute Tab 24.00
Buy Lundgren, Stefan Kinderspiel II Lundgren SL14 Lute Tab 24.00
Buy Lundgren, Stefan New Method for the Renaissance Lute Lundgren SL2 Ren. Lute Bk 45.00
Buy Lundgren, Stefan The Baroque Lute Companion or Galantheste Methode, die Laute zu tractieren. Lundgren SL1 Lute Spiral Bk 95.00
Buy Poulton A Tutor for the Renaissance Lute Schott ST12324 Lute Sc only 53.00
Buy Satoh, Toyohiko Method for the Baroque Lute Tree M-TRBarMeth Baroque Lute Spiral bk 32.00
Buy Schlegel, Andreas Die Laute in Europa (The Lute in Europe) The Lute Corner 978-3-9523232-0-5   Book 23.00
Buy Schlegel, Andreas New!  Die Laute in Europa 2(The Lute in Europe 2) The Lute Corner     Book 60.00
Buy Torelli, Francesca A Tutor for the Theorbo Ut Orpheus DM46 Theorbo Book 21.00
Buy Various / Goy, Fancois-Pierre; Hartley, Craig; Robinson, John H. The Lute Book of Edward Lord Herbert of Cherbury Includes two books: The first volume is a prefatory text, the second is the facsimile. The Lute Society (UK) UKLS-LordHerbert 9-course Lute Facsimile 95.00