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Flute Methods
Title Publisher Catalog# Instrumen-
Format Price
Buy Bloom, Peter A Practical and Tuneful Method for the Baroque Flute Bloom BLOOM Fl Sc only 15.00
Buy McCaskill & Gilliam The Flutist's Companion, A Comprehensive Method Mel Bay MB93886 Fl Sc only 8.95
Buy McCaskill and Gilliam Complete Irish Flute Book Mel Bay MB96332 Irish Flute Book 19.95
Buy Nicholson, Charles A School for the Flute Vol.I and Vol.II (1836) Bloom BL2 Fl Facs 20.00
Buy Ram Avtar 'Vir' Learn to Play on Flute, including Shanai, Been and Piccolo Pankaj PANKAJ Fl Book 7.50
Buy Sands, John The Complete Flute Player Wise AM62852 Fl Sc only 8.95
Buy Sands, John The Complete Flute Player (Omnibus Edition Bks.1-4) Wise AM62894 Fl Sc only 29.95
Buy Tulou, Jean-Louis A Method for the Flute Indiana Univ Press 20919-6 Fl Spiral Bk 29.95
Buy Vallely, Fintan Timber the Flute Tutor (Wooden Simple System Flute) Long Note WMC01068 Fl Book 18.25