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Guitar and Voice
Title Publisher Catalog# Instrumen-
Format Price
Buy Bach, J.S. et al Ave Maria (Bach, Gounod, Schubert) Doblinger GKM200 High V/LowV, Guit Sc, Pts 15.00
Buy Benko English Renaissance Songs Budapest EMB7799 V,Guit Sc only 15.50
Buy Benko French Renaissance Songs Budapest Z8786 V,Guit Sc only 12.00
Buy Benko German Renaissance Songs Budapest Z12234 V,Guit Sc only 17.95
Buy Benko Italian Renaissance Songs Budapest Z8787 V,Guit Sc only 17.95
Buy Benko Spanish Renaissance Songs Budapest Z12235 V,Guit Sc only 17.95
Buy Buhe Englische Lieder und Balladen Universal UE17221 V,Guit Sc only 17.95
Buy Caccini Amarilli Cavata CMP1010 V,Guit Sc only 3.50
Buy Criswick, Mary Elizabethan and Jacobean Songs Stainer & Bell H147SB V,Guit Sc only 8.00
Buy Dowland Two Songs "Now, O Now" & "Sorrow Stay" Belwin SI00184 Guitar,Voice Sc only 7.50
Buy Dowland, John 18 Songs arranged for Voice and Guitar Sikorski NR558 V,Guit Sc only 20.95
Buy Dowland, John A Pilgrimes Solace (1612) Complete Lute songs V Doblinger GKM208 Voice, Guitar Sc only 34.50
Buy Dowland, John / David Nadal John Dowland's Lute Songs, Third and Fourth Books, with original tablature Dover 42244-5 V,guit Sc only 12.95
Buy Dowland, John Lute Songs of John Dowland Dover 29935-x V,Guitar Book 18.95
Buy Dowland, John The First Booke of Songs or Ayres (1597-1613) Doblinger GKM211 V, Guit Sc only 29.00
Buy Dowland, John The Second Booke of Songs or Ayres (1600) Doblinger GKM212 V, Guit Sc only 29.00
Buy Dowland, John The Third and Last Booke of songs or Aires (1603) Complete Lute Songs III Doblinger GKM213 V,Guit Sc only 29.00
Buy Harrison, Richard Choice Folk Songs Hargail HFA20 V,Guit Sc only 4.95
Buy Kanthou, Eugenia Five Spanish Songs Doblinger GKM216 V,Guit Sc, Pts 22.75
Buy Möller, Dirk Elisabethan Love Songs, Dowland, Campian, Morley Heinrichshofen N2484 High Voice, Guit Sc only 18.75
Buy Rodrigo 3 Villancicos Schott ST12378 V,Guit Sc only 10.95
Buy Smith, Eliz. P., arr The Highwayman, and 12 other folk songs Columbia CO151 V,Guit Sc only 3.95
Buy Stoker, Richard Eight British Folk-Songs Doblinger GKM221 V,Guit Sc, Pts 16.50
Buy Tate, Phyllis Trois Chansons Tristes Presser 63.070 V,Guit Sc only 4.65
Buy Williams, John 17th Century English Songs Presser 3.5540 Med.V Guit Sc only 4.75