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Recorder(s) and Voice
Title Publisher Catalog# Instrumen-
Format Price
Buy Bach, J.S. Aria - 'Sheep may safely graze' Schott ST11759 SopV,AA, Kybd Sc, Pts 8.95
Buy Bach, J.S. Jesu, Dir sei Preis, Aria from the Cantata 142 Moeck M2026 Alto V, AA Rec, BC Sc, Pts 10.00
Buy Bach, J.S. Leget euch dem Heiland unter, Aria from the Cantata 182 Moeck M2025 Alt V,A Rec,BC Sc, Pts 9.00
Buy Bach, Telemann, various / Hofman, Klaus & Thalheimer, Peter Original Compositions for soprano, recorder, additional melody instrument (violin, viola, etc.) and Basso continuo Edition Walhall EW1228 SopranoV, alto recorder, Vn, BC Sc. & parts 33.00
Buy Blow, Dr. Ode on the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell Schott ST10754 2 Countertenors, AA,BC Sc, Pts 29.95
Buy Charlton, Andrew Traditional Irish Pub Songs Jolly Robin JR30 Ten V/Bar V & SATB Sc, Pts 29.95
Buy Clark, Zana Behind my Right Shoulder Orpheus OMP001 Ganassi Alto in G, Alto at 415, Voice Sc only 18.00
Buy Clarke, Zana Mind Your Step Orpheus OMP107 A, Voice Sc only 16.00
Buy D'Urfey, Thomas 5 Songs from: Wit and Mirth or Pills to Purge Melancholy Jolly Robin JR28 Med V & SATB Sc, Pts 15.50
Buy Da Perugia, Niccolo / Sprenkle, David 14th Century Ballate Susato MTC122CD Tenor voice, instruments Spiral Sc, Pts, CD 17.00
Buy Herman and Handel Obliterate the Obbligato (Nel Dolce Dell'Oblio) Carol Herman CH1 Sopr V,A,BC Sc, Pts 10.00
Buy Herman, Carol Emily Dickinson Five Poems PRB PRBCVS5 Sop. Voice, Alto Recorder Sc only 10.00
Buy Monteverdi, Claudio / Charlton, arr. "Addio Roma", Aria from "L'Incoronazione di Poppea" Jolly Robin JR20 Voice,SATB Rec. Sc, Pts 6.25
Buy Osborn, Stanley Kyrie and Vocalise ARS EKCMS5 Sop V,SATB Rec 2 Sc, 4 Pts 6.00
Buy Rossini, Gioaccino Duetto Buffo Di Due Gatti Arcadian AP048 SATB, 2V, Pf Sc, Pts 7.95
Buy Scarlatti, Alessandro Cantata: Clori mia, Clori bella Saraband SM28 Sopr.V,A,BC Sc, Pts 20.00
Buy Staeps, Hans Ulrich Cantus Serius Polyphonic PP158 ATTB, Voice Sc, Pts 9.25