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Duets and Trios
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Buy   Five three-Part Songs from the time of Henry VIII from the Fayrfax Manuscript Contents:
  • Alas for lak of her presens (Fayrfax)
  • Who Shall Have My Fayre Lady (Anon)
  • Alas! It Is I (Turges)
  • To Complayne Me Alas (Anon)
  • This Day Dawes (Anon)
Hawthorns EE12 S/A, TB Sc, Pts 13.50
Buy Anonymous 4 Miracles of Sant'Iago Earthsongs S143 2-4 voices, unison Sc only 1.80
Buy Anonymous 4 On Yoolis Night Earthsongs S132 SSA or TTB 3 Booklets, Sc only 4.75
Buy Attaingnant, Pierre / Thomas, Bernard 30 Chansons (1529) LPM LPMPC10 SAB/TrTB Sc, Pts. 8.00
Buy Bellingham, Bruce and Evans, Edward G. Jr. / McDermott, Kevin D. P. Sixteenth-century Bicinia from Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Mus. Ms. 260, Vol. 5 A-R Editions R16E TB Instr/Voices Sc only 15.00
Buy Byrd, William Mass for Three Voices Stainer & Bell CS358 ATB Sc only 7.00
Buy Carissimi, Giacomo New!  Gaudeat terra, jubilent montes Christmas motet for 2 sopranos & organo from the Düben Collection in Uppsala, edited as first edition by Jolando Scarpa. Walhall EW768 2 Sop, Og 3 Sc 23.00
Buy Cohen, Gerald Ha Lachma Anya (This is the Bread of Poverty) from Passover Cantata, V'higad'ra L'vincha Oxford 94.417 3 Soprano voices Vocal Sc 1.25
Buy Dart, Thurston Invitation to Madrigals, Bk 1 Stainer & Bell 1.5106 SAB Sc only 9.95
Buy Dart, Thurston ed. Invitation to Madrigals, Bk 4 Galaxy 1.5217 SATB Sc only 9.95
Buy Dart, Thurston, ed Invitation to Madrigals, Bk 3 Stainer & Bell 1.5135 SSA Book 9.95
Buy Dart, Thurston, ed Invitation to Madrigals, Vol.3a Stainer & Bell 1.5256 TTB Book 5.50
Buy Haydn, Joseph Thyrsis and Nice "Sag' an, wird sich dein Lieben" Breitkopf EB8021 2 S.voice, kybd Sc only 13.00
Buy Loux, Joseph Medatatio sine Nomine for recorder quintet - (5 players, 7 instruments) Loux LMP235 Garklein & S, SA, A, Tn, B Sc, Pts 12.00
Buy Loux, Joseph, ed. Benedicamus Domino XIX (c.1330, Paris) from the Codex las Huelgas Loux LMP234 3V or ATT recorders/Tr, 2Tn/B Sc only 13.00
Buy Luzzaschi, Luzzasco New!  Four Duets Green Man Press LUZ1 2 Sop, Bc Sc 28.00
Buy Petti, ed The Seventh Chester Bk. of Motets: Motets for 3 voices Chester CH55222 3V Sc only 11.95
Buy Pistocchi, Francesco Antonio Mamiliano / Wessel, Kia New!  Duetti da Camera II 9- 18 Duette von Navarra, Perti, Pistocchi(?), Steffani (?) und Torri Edition Walhall EW460 SS, SA, SB, Bc. Sc only 27.00
Buy Purcell, Henry / Loux, Joseph Catches, Vol. II Catches from the Catch Club, or Merry Companions (1731) for 3 voices or melody instruments and bass instrument. Contains: On the Battle of Hailbron; Frank, What shall we Do?; Here Tom, Here's a Health; Poor Owen; Prithee, Ben't so Sad and Ser'ous. Loux LMP220 3V/Instr 3 Perf. Scores 10.50
Buy Purcell, Henry / Loux, Joseph Catches, Vol. III For 4 voices, recorders, viols or violins. Contains: Sum up all the Delights; The London Constable; The Macedon Youth; Full Bags; Under a Green Elm; Down, Down with Bacchus. Loux LMP221 3V/Instr 4 Perf. Scores 11.25
Buy Roberts, ed Restoration Duets, Bk.I Stainer & Bell B629 High V,Bass V,BC Sc only 8.95
Buy Roberts, Timothy Restoration Duets Bk II Stainer & Bell B636 2 high V, BC Sc only 9.50