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Recorder(s) and Various Instruments
Title Publisher Catalog# Instrumen-
Format Price
Buy   Italian Masters of the 17th century, 9 Duets for Descant Recorder and Viol (Violoncello) Ut Orpheus HS131 S,Vdg/Vc Sc only 23.00
Buy Billings, William Chester Loux LMP107 SSAATT Rec./Crumhorn, Vc/Bass Viol, Kybd, Perc. Sc, Pts 10.00
Buy Kroczek, Czeslaw Amerikanische Folklore Noetzel N2584 S Rec, Vn, Guitar, perc. Sc, Pts 28.00
Buy Paisible, James / Lasocki, David and Gordillo, Bernard Complete Suites for Alto Recorder and Basso Continuo instant Harmony IH22 A, A/Bc, Vc/Vdg Sc, Pts 40.00
Buy Strauss, Richard / Thalheimer, Peter New!  Fantasie on a theme by Giovanni Paisiello Edition Walhall EW1129 Soprano, bassoon, guitar/piano Sc, Pts 17.00
Buy Thorn, Benjamin Salad Undressing Orpheus OMP094 A, Cello Sc, Pts 18.00
Buy Thorn, Benjamin Two Diagonals and a Squiggle Orpheus OMP083 S/A/T,4 tom-toms, 4 tin-cans, and 5 temple blocks Sc, Pts 21.75
Buy Thornton, Erinn Milkblue; Snow Coat Orpheus YCS013 AA, Frame Drum, Saw 2 Sc 15.00