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Lute and Other Instruments
Title Publisher Catalog# Instrumen-
Format Price
Buy Alexander, Allan Lute and Recorder Volume 1 ADG LURE1 Lute, S Tab, Sc 26.95
Buy Alexander, Allan Lute and Recorder Volume 2 ADG LURE2 Lute, S Tab, Sc 24.95
Buy Anonymous Greensleeves to a ground. Divisions for Flute (Recorder, Violin), with a ground for Lute with the Violl da Gamba Tree M-TRGreen A/Vn/Fl,Lute, Gamba Sc, Tab 7.50
Buy Baron, Ernst Gottlieb Sonata à 2 für Traversflöte und Barocklaute Tree M-TRBaron Fl, Bar. Lute Sc, Tab 29.00
Buy Daube, Johann Friedrich Zwei Trios für Barocklaute, Traversflöte, & Bass Tree M-TRDaube Fl, Bar. Lute, B Sc, Tab 29.00
Buy De Fesch, Willem / Reyerman Suite in G Major for Recorder and Lute Tree M-TRdeFesch Treble inst, Lute, Viol Tab Pts 19.95
Buy Hasse, Johann Adolf Suonate accommodate per il liuto Tree M-TRHasse Bar Lute, Cembalo Sc, Tab 72.00
Buy Haydn, Josef Cassation C-Dur Tree M-TRHaydn Vn,Vc,Bar Lute Sc, Pts, Tab 36.00
Buy Kohaut, Carlo Divertimento Primo für obligato Laute, 2 Violinen & Basso Tree M-TRKohaut Bar. Lute, 2 Vn, B Tab Pts 20.00
Buy Lauffensteiner, Wolff Jakob Sonata A Dur Tree M-TRLauffen 2 Bar Lutes or Vn/Vdg and Bar Lute Tab Pts 29.00
Buy Pfeiffer Konzert B Dur mit obligater Laute Tree M-TRPfeiffer Bar Lute, Vn,Vn,Va,Vc Tab Pts 27.00