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Title Publisher Catalog# Instrumen-
Format Price
Buy Arne, Thomas A. Sonata V Arcadian AP090 A,Guit Sc, Pts 7.95
Buy Babell, William Sonata III G minor Doblinger GKM215 S,BC(Guit) Sc, Pts 13.75
Buy Bach, J.S. / Reichenthal Bach Chorals Loux RGS2 T/S,Guit Sc only 8.75
Buy Bach, J.S. / Reichenthal Bach for Recorder and Guitar Marks HL6050 S/T,Guit Sc only 8.95
Buy Baron, Ernst Gottlieb / Buetens, Stanley Sonata for Guitar and Flute in G Major Instrumenta Antiqua SGF1 Fl/T,Guit Sc only 12.00
Buy Bartok For Children Vol.1 Budapest EMB3907 S,Guit Sc, Pts 9.50
Buy Behrend Drei Englische Tanze Zimmermann ZM1361 A,Guit Sc, Pts 8.25
Buy Blady, Burkhard Easy Renaissance Duos Heinrichshofen N2467 A, Guit Sc only 14.75
Buy Blavet Huit Pieces Leduc AL25494 A,Guitar Sc, Pts 31.00
Buy Bresgen Sei Capricci Moeck MZ506/507 ST,Guit.,AT,Guit. Sc only 8.00
Buy Bresgen, Cesar Butterfly Suite Moeck MZ545/546 ST,Guit Sc only 8.00
Buy Bull / Duarte Four Pieces from the fitzwilliam Virginal Book Schott ST10986 A,Guit Sc only 9.95
Buy Buschmann Very New Moods Moeck MZ554/555 SA,Guit Sc only 5.00
Buy Byrd, William / Duarte Four Pieces from the "Fitzwilliam Virginal Book" Schott ST10987 A,Guit Sc only 9.95
Buy Carulli, Ferdinando Trio Universal UE30437 AA,Guit Sc, Pts 17.95
Buy Castello Sonata Prima from "Sonate concertate in stilo moderno" Schott OFB141 S,Guit Sc, Pts 9.95
Buy Castet Quatre Pieces from Fitzwilliam Virginal Book Leduc AL25440 Fl/S,Guit 2 Perf Sc 8.00
Buy Castle Suite in Spanish Style (1986) Loux RGS3 A/Fl,Guitar Sc, Pts 8.95
Buy Clement, Nicole Au Jardin du Roy Henry Lemoine 24932HL Variable 1-3,Guit. Sc only 21.00
Buy Corelli La Follia Billaudot G3488B A,Guit Sc, Pts 20.95
Buy Corelli Sonata a Tre Op.4, Nr.3 Doblinger GKM1 AA,Guit Sc, Pts 15.00
Buy De Herrera Campagne Premiere Billaudot G3671B S/T,Guit/Pf Sc, Pts 10.95
Buy De Visee Suite G Dur Breitkopf EB8525 A,Guit Sc, Pts 9.75
Buy De Visee, Robert Suite d-moll Breitkopf EB8210 A,Guit. Sc, Pts 11.50
Buy De Vittorio Piezas Sinteticas Barry BC1029 S,Guit Sc, Pts 6.00
Buy Dieupart Suite f-Moll Zimmerman ZM2610 Rec & Guit Sc, Pts 11.50
Buy Dowland Three Dances Schott GA444 S,Guit Sc, Pts 14.95
Buy Durante Solfeggio e moll Moeck MZ562 S,Guit Sc only 5.50
Buy Durante, Francesco Solfeggio Detta La Stravaganza Moeck MZ586 S,Guit Sc only 5.00
Buy Evans Recorder Rendezvous Boosey & Hawkes BH20606 Var.1-3S,Pf/Guit,Opt.Perc Sc, Pts 6.75
Buy Evans, Marsha Pastorale, Dance & Gigue Loux RGS4 S,Guit/Autoharp Sc only 4.95
Buy Farnaby Six Pieces from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book Schott ST10988 A,Guit Sc only 9.95
Buy Frederick the Great / Charlton Sonata 14 in G Jolly Robin JRS1 A,Guit Sc, Pts 10.25
Buy Frescobaldi Canzona (II) Per Canto Solo Schott OFB140 S,Guit Sc, Pts 9.95
Buy Garzaroli, Sigr. Two sonatas Doblinger GKM204 A,Guit Sc, Pts 17.00
Buy Giesbert Old Dances 16th-18th Century Schott ST2660 A,Lute/Guit Sc only 8.95
Buy Gorzanis 15 Neopolitan Songs of the 15th Century Heinrichshofen N4040 S/V,Guit Sc only 5.95
Buy Handel Sonata a moll, Op,1 #4 Doblinger GKM23 A,Guit Sc, Pts 18.50
Buy Handel Sonata F-Dur - Op.1, Nr.11 Doblinger GKM9 A,Guit Sc, Pts 18.00
Buy Handel Sonata in C Dur, Op.1 #7 Doblinger GKM37 A,Guit Sc, Pts 20.00
Buy Handel Sonata in g-Moll, Op.1/2 Doblinger GKM29 A,Guit Sc, Pts 22.76
Buy Handel Sonate F dur Hofmeister FH4039 A,Guit,Viol/Vc Sc, Pts 10.95
Buy Handel Trio sonata in F Major HWV405 Doblinger GKM181 AA,Guit Sc, Pts 14.50
Buy Hasse, J.A. Triosonate C-Dur Doblinger GKM77 Fl/A,Vn,Guit Pts only 13.00
Buy Haydn Twelve Minuets EMB Z12915 S,Guit Sc, Pts 10.95
Buy Haydn, Joseph Trio op 11/4 Doblinger GKM217 A/Fl,Vn,Guit Sc, Pts 13.25
Buy Herman Vingt Chansons Populaire Roumaines Leduc AL25791 S,Guit Sc only 5.25
Buy Hoffer Drei Tanzstucke Zimmerman ZM1779 A Rec & Guit Sc, Pts 7.50
Buy Hollfelder Episodes Moeck MZ521 S,Guit Sc only 4.95
Buy Hotteterre Suite e moll Op.2, Nr.4 Zimmermann ZM2448 Fl/A,Guit Sc, Pts 11.50
Buy Hufford,ed 80 Folk Songs Echo Editions FR4a A,Guit Sc only 10.00
Buy Jeffery, Jason Cherub's Dance Orpheus YCS010 A,Guit Sc, Pts 15.00
Buy Klapil 10 Airs Populaires De Villes Tcheques Du XIX Siecle Leduc AL25980 SS,SA,Guitar Sc only 5.25
Buy Klapil 15 Airs Populaires de Moravie d'Est Leduc AL26061 SA, SS,Guit. Sc only 13.00
Buy Klapil 15 Menuets et Polkas Populaires Tcheques Leduc AL25974 SS,SA,Guitar Sc only 7.00
Buy Klapil 15 Noels Tcheques Leduc AL26198 SA, SS,Guit. Sc only 12.95
Buy Klapil Airs Populaires Albanais Leduc AL25568 S, SS,Guit Sc only 3.50
Buy Klapil Airs Populaires Bulgares Leduc AL25714 S, SS,Guit, Sc only 13.00
Buy Klapil Airs Populaires De Yougoslavie Leduc AL25514 SS,Guitar Sc only 3.50
Buy Klapil Airs Populaires Roumains Leduc AL25665 S, SS,Guit, Sc only 3.75
Buy Klapil Pieces Tcheques Anciennes Leduc AL25788 SA,Guitar Sc only 5.00
Buy Klier, Johannes "Inti Raymi" Suite based on Peruvian Motives Moeck MZ551/552 Variable 1-4,Guit,Perc Sc only 8.00
Buy Koinuma Ensemble I Universal UE17128 1-4 Rec,Guit Sc, Pts 19.95
Buy Koinuma Ensemble II Universal UE17129 1-3 Rec,Guit Sc, Pts 15.00
Buy Kroczek, Czeslaw Irish Folklore Heinrichshofen N2455 S,Vn/S,Guitar, Bass Guitar, Perc Sc, Pts 19.95
Buy Kroczek, Czeslaw Irish Folklore, Book 2 Heinrichshofen N2537 S,Vn,Guit (Bass Guit and Perc ad lib) Sc, Pts 19.95
Buy Kroll Canzonabile Moeck M1518 B,Guit Sc only 10.00
Buy Linde Music for Two Schott OFB157 A,Guit Sc, Pts 9.95
Buy Linde Musica da Camera Schott OFB135 A Rec.Guit,B Rec.Guit Sc only 9.95
Buy Loeillet Sonate a moll, Op.1 No.1 Doblinger GKM13 A,Guit Sc, Pts 19.00
Buy Loeillet de Gant Sonate G-Dur, op.1, No.3 Doblinger GKM63 A,Guit Sc, Pts 16.50
Buy Luckhardt Musik Der Troubadours Ricordi SY2325 S/T,Guit Sc only 17.00
Buy Lully Neuf Trios Zurfluh 524-04473 S,S,Guit Sc only 10.95
Buy Macchi Arias and Dances of the Italian Renaissance Ricordi R132198 S,Guit Sc only 15.95
Buy Manifold Australian Bush Tunes Schott ST10767 S,A/S,T,Guit Sc only 9.95
Buy Marais, Marin Les Folies d'Espagne Zimmermann ZM30620 A, Guitar Sc, Pts 28.00
Buy Marigo 3 Piezas Ricordi BA13155 S,Guit Sc only 1.75
Buy Marinovici Folk Dances of Eastern Europe and Asia, Vol.I Moeck MZ560/561 SSAA,Guit Sc only 8.50
Buy Marinovici Folk Dances of Eastern Europe and Asia, Vol.II Moeck MZ572/573 SSAA,Guit Sc only 5.00
Buy Masson, Thierry and Patrick Guillem Mes Premiers Pas Lemoine 26442HL S,Guit Sc only 12.50
Buy Matiegka, Wenzeslaus Thomas Notturno op. 25 Doblinger GKM226 A,Va,Guit Sc, Pts 36.50
Buy Miteran, Alain Contre-Suite Billaudot G4498B A,Guit Sc, Pts 13.00
Buy Mozart, W. A. Mozart for Recorder and Guitar Loux RGS6 S/T, Guit Sc only 6.95
Buy Mozart, W.A. Trio Schott ST10944 SA,Guit/Pf Sc only 9.95
Buy Ng, Nicholas Poppies and Spice Orpheus YCS011 T,Guit Sc, Pts 15.00
Buy Nobis, Herbert Elegie Moeck MZ574 A,Guit Sc only 3.50
Buy Ortiz Vier Ricercaden Moeck M2503 A,Guit/H/Lute Sc, Pts 13.95
Buy Pepusch Sonata d-Moll Doblinger GKM10 A,Guit Sc, Pts 15.00
Buy Pepusch Sonata G-Dur Doblinger GKM12 A,Guit Sc, Pts 15.00
Buy Pez Triosonate C Dur Doblinger GKM49 AA,Guit Sc, Pts 16.35
Buy Poser Little Serenade Moeck MZ274 A,Guit Sc only 5.50
Buy Praetorius Seventeen Dances Schott ST12254 S,Guit Sc, Pts 16.95
Buy Purcell, Henry Suite fur Altblockflote und Guitar Heinrichshofen N1533 A,Guit Sc only 13.95
Buy Rameau / Reichenthal The Artistry of Jean Phillipe Rameau Unicorn 1.0043.1 S,Guit Sc only 3.95
Buy Reichenthal, Eugene ed. First Taste of Telemann Loux RGS1 SS,Guit Sc only 4.00
Buy Reichenthal, Eugene ed. Lyrical Melodies of the Masters Loux RGS5 S/T,Guit Sc only 6.95
Buy Roe, Betty, arr. Seven Tunes from the Cecil Sharp Collection Thames 518371 2 Rec, 2 Guit. Sc, Pts 14.95
Buy Rose, Pete Nice Folks Carus CV11.607 SAT (one player), Guitar Sc only 14.00
Buy Sammartini Sonate G Dur Breitkopf KM2254 AA,Guit Sc, Pts 13.00
Buy Sanvoisin Nouveaux Duos Heugel H32376 Rec,Guitar Sc only 23.95
Buy Sanvoisin, Michel Duos for Recorder and guitar Heugel H32117 S/A,Guit Sc only 17.95
Buy Satie, Erik Gymnopedie Nr. 1, Gnossienne Nr. 3 Moeck MK00792 A,Guit 2 Sc 7.00
Buy Scheit Leichte Stucke aus Alt-England Doblinger GKM141 A/Guit,Guit Sc, Pts 12.25
Buy Schickhardt Trio-Sonate in F-Dur Doblinger GKM15 AA,Guit,Basso Sc, Pts 16.50
Buy Schmidt Quodlibet Zimmermann ZM2861 A,Guit Sc, Pts 7.95
Buy Schwertberger Flautos de los Andes Doblinger 04450 SS,Guit 2 Perf Sc 16.50
Buy Staeps East-West PRB PRBCCS18 S,AATB,Guit Sc, Pts 16.00
Buy Susato Dances from Danserye Schott ST12253 S,Guit Sc, Pts 19.95
Buy Susato / Benko Renaissance Dances from the "Dancerye" 1551 EMB Z12045 S,Guit Sc, Pts 14.95
Buy Suter, Robert Small Talk Schott OFB167 A,Guit 2 Perf Sc 14.95
Buy Szonyi Vingt Chansons Populaires Hongroises Bk.1 Leduc AL25498 SA,Guit Sc only 3.50
Buy Szonyi Vingt Chansons Populaires Hongroises Bk.2 Leduc AL25499 SA,Guit Sc only 3.50
Buy Tada 31 Famous Tunes Zen-on TS7 SS,Guit Sc, Pts 40.00
Buy Telemann, Georg Philipp Air and Bourree Heinrichshofen N4017 A,Guit Sc only 3.00
Buy Telemann, Georg Philipp / Kammerling, W. Partita Nr 5 e-moll Doblinger GKM96 Vn/Fl/Ob, Guit Sc, Pts 15.00
Buy Telemann, Georg Philipp Sonata a-moll Doblinger GKM50 A,Vn,Guit Pts only 11.50
Buy Telemann, Georg Philipp Sonate f moll Breitkopf EB8542 A,Guit Sc, Pts 13.50
Buy Telemann, Georg Philipp Trio Sonata #5 in A Minor Tuscany 494-02168 A,Vn,Guit,Vc Sc, Pts 17.95
Buy Telemann, Georg Philipp Trio Sonate Zimmermann ZM1792 AA,Guit Sc, Pts 11.50
Buy Telemann, Georg Philipp Trio Sonate in F Dur Breitkopf EB6790 AA,Guit Sc, Pts 11.50
Buy Telemann, Georg Philipp Trio-Sonate in C-dur Breitkopf EB6789 A,Vn/A,Guit Sc, Pts 10.50
Buy Teschner, arr. Folk Music from South America Heinrichshofen N4117 A/F,Guitar Sc only 11.95
Buy Teschner, Hans Joachim Tin Whistle Tune Moeck MZ695/696 S,Guit Sc only 8.50
Buy Thorn, Benjamin New!  Minikin for descant recorder and guitar Orpheus OMP019 S, Guit Sc, Pts 20.00
Buy Thorn, Benjamin Out of Aegypt Orpheus OMP025 T,Guitar Sc, Pts 16.00
Buy Van Eyck Variations on Two Themes by John Dowland Moeck M2520 T/S,Guit/Lute 2 Perf Sc 27.00
Buy Vellekoop, arr Speelmateriaal XYZ XYZ761 S,Guit Sc only 5.75
Buy Veracini Sonata Terza Breitkopf EB6783 A,Guit Sc, Pts 9.50
Buy Werdin Eberhard Russische Suite Moeck MZ651/652 SAT,Guit Sc only 8.00
Buy White Eisenstein White Eisenstein Album Zenon Z507271 Var.Solo,Guit Sc only 22.50
Buy Worschech 12 Grands Classiques Philipp, Combre P3309 S,Guit Sc only 12.25