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Recorder Quartets with Keyboard
Title Publisher Catalog# Instrumen-
Format Price
Buy Bach, J.S. Two Cantata Movements Cheap Trills TR25 SATB, Kybd Sc, Pts 4.75
Buy Bach, J.S. Wir danken, wir preisen. Cantata BWV134 Cheap Trills TR33 ATTB, Kybd Sc, Pts 5.25
Buy Boismortier Concerto Op.15/2 Dolce DOL315 4 Rec,BC Sc, Pts 10.50
Buy Boismortier Concerto Op.15/5 Dolce DOL316 4 Rec,BC Sc, Pts 14.25
Buy Frescobaldi Five Canzonas (1628/1634) LPM LPMGF11 SSBB,BC Sc, Pts 14.25
Buy Frescobaldi Seven Canzonas LPM LPMGF9 SATB,BC Sc, Pts 30.25
Buy Frescobaldi Two Canzonas LPM LPMGF10 SA/STB,BC Sc, Pts 7.75
Buy Gabrieli, Giovanni Canzoni per Sonar a Quattro - BC is only in the score. Score available as ANT41. Schott ANT41pts SATB Pts only 19.75
Buy Gabrieli, Giovanni Canzoni per Sonar a Quattro - parts available as ANT41pts Schott ANT41 SATB,BC Sc only 10.95
Buy Granados, Enrique / Bonsor Andaluza Schott ST11256 SAT,Pf Sc, Pts 8.95
Buy Handel Rodrigo Suite Barenreiter EN519 SATB,BC Sc, Pts 16.00
Buy Hunt The Jacobean Consort Book Schott ST10035 SATB,Pf,(Opt.V) Sc only 7.95
Buy Kapsberger, J.H. 2 Sinfonie a 4 (1615) LPM EML315 SATB,BC 5 Sc 6.95
Buy Kapsberger, J.H. Libro Primo de Balli, Gagliarde et Correnti LPM LPMDM20 4 Instr, Opt. Kybd Sc only 10.25
Buy Keller Sonata in C Nova NM196 AA,Ob,Ob,BC Sc, Pts 12.75
Buy Keller Sonata in G Nova NM101 AA,Ob,Ob,BC Sc, Pts 13.00
Buy Legrenzi Sonata Ut Orpheus CSS06 AAAA,BC Sc, Pts 20.00
Buy Leopold, Silke ed. Balletto delle Ninfe, Italian Dance Music of the Early Baroque Barenreiter BA8208 Var, opt. BC Sc, Pts 22.00
Buy Lepow, Martha Jewish Folksong Series: Festival Songs Loux JFS1 SATB, Kybd,opt voice Sc, Pts 10.95
Buy Mageau, Mary Suite With a Beat (1986) Loux LMP96 SSAT,BC Sc, Pts 12.00
Buy Molter Concerto in B Dur (Bb major) (original A Dur) Barenreiter BA8073 AAAA,BC Sc, Pts 21.50
Buy Molter, Johann Melchior Concerto II B flat Major MWV VIII/19 Doblinger HBR37 AAAA,BC Sc, Pts 21.00
Buy Molter, Johann Melchior Concerto III C Major MWV VIII/20 Doblinger HBR38 AAAA,BC Sc, Pts 22.00
Buy Pachelbel Canon and Gigue in D Fentone F295 SSSB,Pf Sc, Pts 16.95
Buy Pecou, Thierry The Broken Heart Billaudot G4561B Rec.Qt.,Pf Sc, Pts 18.50
Buy Purcell, Henry Chacony (Z - 730) Loux LMP157 ATBB, Opt Kybd Sc, Pts 11.50
Buy Purcell, Henry Suite "The Fairy Queen" Universal UE12604 SATB,H Sc only 14.95
Buy Purcell, Henry Suite "The Fairy Queen" Universal UE12604ABCD SATB Pts only 23.80
Buy Rauber, Francois Petite Suite Billaudot G4477B 1-4 Recs,Pf Sc, Pts 20.75
Buy Russell-Smith Builders of Tomorrow Schott ST12271 SSSS,Pf Sc, Pts 7.95
Buy Schickhardt / Knab, Richard Valentin Concerti Vol.I in C, d and G Barenreiter HM192 AAAA,BC Sc, Pts 34.50
Buy Schickhardt / Knab, Richard Valentin Concerti Vol.II in F, e and c Barenreiter HM193 AAAA,BC Sc, Pts 38.50
Buy Simpson Taffel-Consort (1621) LPM LPMTS1 Variable 4, Cont. Sc, Pts 66.50
Buy Strauss, Johann Wine Women and Song Schott ST11433 SSAA,Pf Sc, Pts 8.95
Buy Telemann, Georg Philipp Es Segne Uns Gott Cheap Trills TR14 AATB,BC Sc, Pts 4.25
Buy Vivaldi / Veilhan Concerto in d minor, op. 3 ,#10 Heinrichshofen N2303 AAAA,BC Sc, Pts 32.25
Buy Wilhelmus, Het / Shannon, Glen New!  Fantasia & Dutch National Anthem Loux Music Company LMP202 SATB/Voc & Keyboard Sc & Parts 21.95
Buy Winters Amazing Grace Nova NM328 SSAT,Pf Sc, Pts 9.50