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Recorder Trios with Keyboard
Title Publisher Catalog# Instrumen-
Format Price
Buy Arlen & Harburg / Eddleman, Arr. Over the Rainbow from "The Wizard of Oz" Sweet Pipes SP2352 SSA/T,kybd,opt.Guit. Sc, Pts 4.75
Buy Bach, J.S. / Charles Nagel Ruft and Fleht den Himmel an, From Cantata BWV63 Cheap Trills TR20 SAT, Kybd Sc, Pts 5.00
Buy Bach, J.S. Wohl mir, Jesus ist gefunden, from Cantata BWV154 Cheap Trills TR21 ATT, Kybd Sc, Pts 5.25
Buy Bergmann Slavonic Tunes Schott ST10839 SAT,Opt.Kybd Sc, Pts 8.95
Buy Bollius, Daniel Symphonia Hanssler HE11.221 SAA,Kybd Sc, Pts 12.25
Buy Bonsor, Brian Fiesta Schott ST10757 SAT,Pf Sc, Pts 8.95
Buy Bonsor, Brian Tango Schott ST10758 SAT,Pf Sc, Pts 8.95
Buy Bonsor, Brian Three into Five Schott ST11142 SAATT,Pf Sc, Pts 11.95
Buy Bonsor, Brian Two French Tunes No.2, "Tambourin" Schott ST10915 SSA,Pf,Perc. Sc, Pts 11.95
Buy Busch, Richard I sing a song of the Saints of God (7 1/2 Variations on "Grand Isle") Provincetown PBE37 AAT, Kybd Sc, Pts 7.95
Buy Busch, Richard Sonatina Provincetown PBE18 AAT,Kybd Sc, Pts 12.95
Buy Coggan, Miggs Handeling a Rondo Orpheus OMP041 SAT,Pf Sc, Pts 14.00
Buy Colista Sonata a 3 in B flat (W-K28) Ars Antiqua AA1 TTB,BC Sc, Pts 9.00
Buy Colista Sonata a 3 in C (W-K13) Ars Antiqua AA5 SSB,BC Sc, Pts 9.95
Buy Cooke, Arnold Suite Moeck M1513 SAT, Opt.Kybd Sc, Pts 28.00
Buy Crossley-Holland Albion Universal UE12600 SAB/T,Kybd Sc only 2.50
Buy Eddleman, David Border Crossings, Five Songs from East and West Sweet Pipes SP2338 SSA,PF,Opt.Voice,Perc Sc, Pts 4.95
Buy Evans, Colin Recorder Rendezvous Boosey & Hawkes WRB32 1,2 or 3 Rec.,Pf Sc, Pts 9.00
Buy Evans, Colin Sun Dance Suite for Recorder Orchestra and Piano Boosey & Hawkes WRB58 SAT,Pf Sc, Pts 17.50
Buy Finger Sonata Settima XYZ XYZ881 AAA,BC Sc only 18.95
Buy Fontana, Giovanni Battista Sonata 16 (1641) Dolce DOL327 AAA,BC Sc, Pts 8.75
Buy Frescobaldi Three Canzonas LPM LPMGF5 AAB,BC Sc, Pts 13.95
Buy Frescobaldi Three Canzonas LPM LPMGF6 AAB,BC Sc, Pts 10.50
Buy Gabrieli, Giovanni Sonata (1615) Dolce DOL306 AAA,BC Sc, Pts 7.75
Buy Gannaway, Jane ed Amazing Grace Fentone M120 SAT, Kybd Sc, Pts 13.95
Buy Gannaway, Jane ed When a Knight Won His Spurs Fentone M119 SAT, Kybd Sc, Pts 13.95
Buy Joplin, Scott Maple Leaf Rag Schott ST12323 S,A,T,Pf Sc, Pts 11.95
Buy Krebs, Johan Ludwig Erforsche Mich, Gott Cheap Trills TR31 SAT,Kybd Sc, Pts 5.50
Buy Mancini Moon River Sweet Pipes SP2350 SSA/T,Kybd,w/opt V,Guit Sc, Pts 4.75
Buy Mancini, Henry Charade Fentone M101 SAT, Kybd Sc, Pts 13.95
Buy Marini Canzon a 3 "La Marina" Ars Antiqua AA8 TBB,BC Sc, Pts 8.50
Buy Monk, W.H. All Things Bright and Beautiful Fentone M121 SAT,Kybd Sc, Pts 15.00
Buy Purcell, H Chaconne Amadeus BP2075 AAA,BC Sc, Pts 19.00
Buy Purcell, Henry 3 Parts Upon a Ground Loux LMP173 AAA,BC Sc, Pts 12.00
Buy Purcell, Henry Chaconne "Three Parts Upon a Ground" Schott OFB1002 AAA,BC Sc, Pts 19.95
Buy Purcell, Henry Puzzle Chaconne Loux LMP156 AAA,BC Sc, Pts 11.75
Buy Rachmaninoff Vocalise Schott ST11441 SAT,Pf Sc, Pts 12.95
Buy Riccio & Belli / Block 2 Canzonas, "La Rubina" and Canzon a 3 Ars Antiqua AA6 TTB,BC Sc, Pts 9.75
Buy Roberton, Hugh / Bonsor, Brian Hebridean Suite Roberton 95406 SSA,Pf Sc Only 9.25
Buy Satie Gymnopedie No.1 Fentone M137 SAT,Pf Sc, Pts 14.50
Buy Scarlatti, A Quartettino Peters EP4559 AAA,BC Sc, Pts 19.95
Buy Schubert Fourteen Waltzes Schott ST10940 SAT,Pf Sc, Pts 18.00
Buy Telemann, Georg Phillip New!  Two Chamber Cantatas cheap trills TR80 SAB, Kybd Sc, Pts 8.95
Buy Thorn, Benjamin Harpies' Romp Orpheus OMP111 SAT, Harp Sc, Pts 18.00
Buy Waldteufel, Emile Amour et Printemps (Love and Spring) Zurfluh AZ1374 Var, kybd Sc, Pts 18.75
Buy Witt, C.F. Suite in F major Barenreiter HM99 AAT,BC Sc, Pts 14.95