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Title Publisher Catalog# Instrumen-
Format Price
Buy   A Pocketful of Carols Mayhew MB97153 Flute, Chords Sc only 3.95
Buy   Christmas Songs and Carols Wise AM951016 L,Ch Booklet 5.95
Buy   Santa's Little Helper Christmas Songbook Santorella TS172 2 Fl (C Instruments) Sc only 9.95
Buy   Special order/credit card entry   000000     0.00
Buy   The 6 Chord Songbook, Christmas Songs & Carols Wise AM951027 L,Ch Booklet 7.95
Buy   The Chester Book of Carols Chester CH55678 Var Book 15.95
Buy Agay, Denes The Joy of Christmas Yorktown YK21194 L,M,Ch Book 14.95
Buy Alexander, Allen ed. New!  Christmas Music for Recorder and Lute Allan Alexander CHRLUTREC Lute, Recorder Pts, CD 24.95
Buy Archer, Darrell Christmas Piano Mel Bay MB94116 Pf Sc only 4.95
Buy Baggett, Linda Christmas Bell Are Ringing, intermediate level New Song Publ P1500 Pf Sc only 7.95
Buy Baggett, Lindy & Nacy Carols of Christmas New Song PI505 Pf Sc only 7.95
Buy Barratt, Carol A Feast of Carols Chester CH55224 M,L Book 8.95
Buy Barratt, Carol A Second Feast of Carols Chester CH55449 M,L Book 11.95
Buy Bay, Mel Sing Along Christmas Carols Mel Bay MB94117 M,L,Ch Bk, Tape 9.95
Buy Bay, William Caroling Book Mel Bay MB94551 L,M,Ch Sc only 2.50
Buy Bay, William Favorite Carols Made Easy Mel Bay MB94485 Pf Sc only 2.95
Buy Bay, William Instrumental Caroling Book Mel Bay MB94076 Variable Sc only 6.95
Buy Bay, Wm. Favourite English Carols Mel Bay MB95039 M,L,Ch Book 4.95
Buy Bellizzi, Jamey Carols of the British Isles for Acoustic Guitar Mel Bay MB95038 Guitar Sc only 6.95
Buy Benedict, Laurel International Carols for Dulcimer Mel Bay MB95309 Mnt Dulc Sc only 7.95
Buy Bye, L.Dean Organ Music for Christmas Cathedral MB94483 Organ Sc only 5.95
Buy Bye, Pamela Cooper Christmas Carols for Children Mel Bay MB94643 L,M,Ch Sc only 6.95
Buy Bye, Pamela Cooper Family Carol Book Mel Bay MB93888 L,M,Ch Sc only 4.95
Buy Bögershausen, Ulli Christmas Carols in Open Tunings fro Fingerstyle Guitar Heinrichshofen N2545 Guitar Sc, Tab, CD 24.00
Buy Castle, Joseph Christmas Songs for Classical Guitar Mel Bay MB93789 Guitar Sc only 5.95
Buy Dearmer et al The Oxford Book of Carols Oxford 353315-4 Var.Voices Book 25.00
Buy Duncan, Craig A Fiddling Christmas Mel Bay MB96466 Fiddle Book 12.95
Buy Duncan, Phil Christmas Songs for Harmonica Mel Bay MB95156 Harmonica Sc, Tab 5.95
Buy Duncan, Phil Christmas Songs for Harmonica Mel Bay MB95156BCD Harmonica Sc, Tab, CD 15.95
Buy Duncan, Phil Holiday Collection for Harmonica Mel Bay MB94072 Harmonica Sc, Tab 5.95
Buy Flint, Tommy Christmas Songs for Fingerstyle Guitar Mel Bay MB93788 Guitar Sc only 5.95
Buy Ford, B & D A Dulcimer Christmas Mel Bay MB93816 Mtn Dulc,L,Tab Book 4.95
Buy Foster, Rick Season of Joy Mel Bay MB94105 Guitar Sc only 7.95
Buy Geoghegan, Thomas Spanish Christmas Songs Mel Bay MB96667 Voice, Guitar Sc only 9.95
Buy Hanson, Mark Fingerstyle Noel Accent on Music AC72640 Guitar Sc, Tab, CD 19.95
Buy Hessenberg, Kurt Der Tag der ist so Freudenreich Schott ST4241 Voice,Pf Sc, Pts 11.95
Buy Hotson, Mary, ed. Sing Praises - a Pocketful of Rounds Playford PCP24 Var. - Instr/Voice Booklet 4.00
Buy Hugh Keyte The New Oxford Book of Carols Oxford 353322-7 Var.Voices Book 37.95
Buy Jones, Edward Huws The Christmas Fiddler Boosey & Hawkes 11065-8 Vn, Kybd/Opt. Guitar Sc, Pts 18.00
Buy Kalal Yuletide Gathering Mel Bay MB95685 1-2 Guitars Sc, Tab 14.95
Buy Levin, Frank Holiday Season Fake Book Mel Bay MB96870 M,L,Ch Book 15.00
Buy McLaughlin, Billy Portraits of Christmas for fingerstyle Guitar Mel Bay MB96519CD Guit Sc, Tab, CD 22.95
Buy Papas, Sophocles Two Easy Christmas Carols Columbia CO163 Guitar Sc only 0.75
Buy Peterson, Meg and Dan Fox Songs of Christmas for Autoharp Mel Bay MB93696 Autoharp Sc only 3.95
Buy Petteway, Al A Scottish Christmas for Guitar Mel Bay MB96783 Guitar Sc, Tab 9.95
Buy Phelps, John Randolph Twelve Favorite Carols Loux LMP159 1 or 2 Rec, Voice, Kybd Sc only 8.00
Buy Pickow, Jonathan Christmas Songs for Children Amsco AM67117 M,L,Ch Book 7.95
Buy Przybylski, Boguslaw International Carols for Acoustic Guitar Mel Bay MB95310 Guit Sc, Tab 8.95
Buy Puscoiu Christmas Solos for Beginning Pan Flute Mel Bay MB95972BCD Panpipes,Pf Sc, CD 14.95
Buy Puscoiu, Costel Carols for Violin Mel Bay MB97530BCD Vn,Pf Sc, Pts, CD 19.95
Buy Puscoiu. Costel International Carols for the Pan Flute Mel Bay MB95978BCD Panpipe,Kybd Bk, CD 19.95
Buy Rawsthorne, Noel The Holly and the Ivy , 48 Variations on Christmas Carols Mayhew MB97155 Pf Sc only 15.95
Buy Sansone, Maggie Sounds of the Season Mel Bay MB95021 Hamm. Dulc Sc only 7.95
Buy Schaum, John W. Christmas Album for Spanish Guitar Belwin EL337 Guitar Sc only 5.50
Buy Sears, Tom New!  Two Christmas Carols for Soprano And Three Viols PRB Productions CVS19 V, Tr, T, B Sc & Parts 12.00
Buy Stone, Jerald B The Complete Christmas Celebration Music Pen MU10000 M,L,Ch Book 14.95
Buy Wienand, Karl Christmas Music for the lever harp Deer Hollow Music DHM5 Lever or pedal harp Spiral Sc 15.00
Buy Woods 50 Christmas Carols for All Harps Woods 5225-B Harp Sc only 17.95
Buy Woods Chanukah Music for All Harps Woods 5234-B Harp Sc only 9.95
Buy Woods Winter Bells Woods 5226-B Harp Sc only 3.95
Buy Woods, Sylvia Two Christmas Medleys Woods 5227-B Harp Sc only 4.95
Buy Zeidler, Franz Christmas Carols for the Recorder Mel Bay MB93414 1-3 recorders Sc only 5.95