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Recorder Trios
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Format Price
Buy Bach, J.S. Advents und Weihnachtslieder Heinrichshofen N1035 SAB Sc only 12.95
Buy Barron, Marshall A Basket of Stars, Christmas Carols for Family Music Making Playford PCP26 Var. trio Sc only 15.00
Buy Barron, Marshall The Stars are Dancing, Christmas Carols for Family Music Making A Boy was born (Puer Natus). A little Child (Flemish Carol). A Virgin most Pure. All in the Morning. Christchurch Bells. Christmas Cheer. Christmas Day is Come (Irish Carol). Beaux of London City. Day-star (Rorate). Down in yon Forest. Garden of Jesus. Good People all (Wexford Carol). Green grow'th the Holly. I carry a Star. In the Fields. Job. King Herod. May Day Garland. Moon shines Bright (Bellman's Song). My Dancing Day. Now, Brothers. Nowell sing we. On Christmas Night (Sussex Carol). On the Cold Ground. Puddings and Pies. Punchbowl. Rejoice and be Merry (Gallery Carol). Salutation Carol. Shepherd's Daughter. Shepherd's Holiday. Shepherd left their Flocks (Quem Pastores). Take Heart. With Merry Heart (Congaudeat). Yeoman's Carol. Playford PCPCC3 Var. trio Sc only 15.00
Buy Barron, Marshall, arr I Carry A Star - Childrens Carols for Christmas Playford PCP25 Var.Rec Sc, Lyrics 15.00
Buy Bergmann, Walter Five Songs for Christmas Hargail H132 SSA, perc, voice Sc, Pts 3.95
Buy Burakoff, Gerald, arr. Noel Noel Consort CM1030 SA, Opt.T.,Voice Sc only 6.25
Buy Burthel, Jacob Vom Himmel Hoch... Moeck MZ318 SAT Sc only 5.50
Buy Corelli Christmas Pastorale Schott ST11779 SAT Sc only 6.95
Buy Davenport, Lanoue Carols for Recorders, Seven Mediaeval Carols ECS 1.2153 SAT Sc only 11.00
Buy Davenport, Lanoue More Carols for Recorders, Seven Mediaeval Carols ECS 1.2284.4 SAT Sc only 12.00
Buy Frotscher, Gotthold Dalmatinisches Hirtenbuchlein Noetzel N3200 SSA Sc only 8.75
Buy Goldstein, David Chanukah Suite Galaxy 1.2545 SAT 2 Perf Sc 10.50
Buy Harras, ed. Music for Advent and Christmas, Book 3 Pan PAN753 3 Recorders Sc only 17.50
Buy Hechler, Ilse Christmas Music From Former Times Moeck MZ414 SAB Sc only 5.50
Buy Hechler, Ilse Trios for Advent and Christmas Tide Moeck M2074 SAT Sc only 29.00
Buy Kitts-Turner, arr 33 Christmas Carols Susato MTC15 3 Rec Spiral Sc 8.95
Buy Klein, R.R. Festtagsmusiken Noetzel N3429 SAB Sc only 16.70
Buy Koschinsky, Fritz Schlesische Weihnacht Noetzel N3266 SSA Sc only 5.75
Buy Koschinsky, Fritz The Christmas Nightingale Noetzel N3193 SSA Sc only 12.25
Buy Koschinsky, Fritz Was die Hirten Erzahlten... Noetzel N3283 SSA Sc only 5.00
Buy Linke, Norbert Drei Floten zur Weihnacht Heinrichshofen 1105 SAT Sc only 6.75
Buy Loux, Joseph A. Christmas Trios Sussex Carol & Il Est Ne, Le Divin Enfant Loux LCC20 3 rec. Sc 8.00
Buy Lutz, Willibald Das Weihnachts Trio (Christmas Trios) Noetzel N4646 3 Rec Sc only 12.95
Buy Monteverdi Christmas Motet: Angelus Ad Pastores Ait Schott ST10918 3 Voices/Recorders Sc only 4.99
Buy Music, David Two European Carols Loux LCC10 SAT Sc, Pts 6.25
Buy Pinkham, Daniel Music for a Merry Christmas, 5. Coventry Carol Peters EP6659E-S ATB, Kybd Sc only 3.50
Buy Praetorius, Michael Three-Part Christmas Songs Moeck MZ342 SST Sc only 5.00
Buy Scharff, Erich Eight Old Christmas Songs (German text) Magna MZ15 SSA Sc only 5.50
Buy Stockmeier, Wolfgang Five Inventions on Christmas Carols Moeck MZ402 AAA Sc 5.50
Buy Ziesman, Egon Lieder zur Weihnacht Moeck MZ726/727 SAT Sc only 10.00